The therapist

I am passionate about shiatsu. Every time I am touched by the serenity, relaxation and/or insights that shiatsu can provide.

After having done my masters in law at Cambridge University, I decided I needed to do something with my hands to remain in balance myself. I completed a four year IOKAI shiatsu training in Amsterdam as well as a two year course in Western medical healthcare. I am a certified member of the IOKAI shiatsu therapeutic association (VIS), member of the European Iokai Shiatsu Association (EISA) and registered with Foundation Registration Therapists Natural Healthcare (SRBAG). I am also registered with the body for disciplinary law for natural health care therapists (TBCG).

As a member of the Iokai Shiatsu Foundation, I comply with several quality standards, amongst which, annual complementary training. Amongst others, this includes training regarding:

  • back complaints
  • women’s issues (period, menopause) as well as Chinese yoga (stretching) for women
  • pregnancy and delivery
  • shiatsu for children
  • complaints regarding breathing and tight feeling in chest
  • Treatment techniques, mix of shiatsu and techniques used by rebalancers and chiropractors
  • Diagnose through Japanse acupuncture techniques
  • Therapeutic formation as a therapist

I consult with fellow practicioners every 2,5 month. I enjoy reading about the background of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and like to remain up to date about the latest scientific proof of complementary medicine.